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    Chengdu frontriver  Co., Ltd. was established in late 2003, is located in the district of Chengdu, the company consists of machinery and equipment tool department, the Department of Automation Instrumentation two departments have strong professional sales team. Since its inception, to be honest in business, customer service for the purpose, for the customer to solve the many difficulties encountered in production, improve customer productivity and economic efficiency, manufacturers and used in the production unit set up a smooth bridge between , won the production units and use units alike.
    Mechanical depot: at present, the company products include: various cutting tools, milling cutter, hole machining tool, the gear processing systems, and each of the bandsaw tools, non-standard tools, etc. Now is the first company KenNa metal company (KENNAMETAL), Germany, HARTNER Gardner company (Spanish) and LAIP tool company authorized agent. One of the worlds largest mining KenNa is cutting tools and oil, the worlds second largest manufacturer of metal tool factory. Gardners whole series, HSS, carbide drill and gun drills specialized factory. LAIP company is with high precision machining center and general machine tool system of the professional manufacturers. My company is not only provide more products, and provide corresponding technical service, perfect finish machining process of the customer requirements and tools, client has completed its tasks.
  Instrumentation parts of the current company products include: automation control instruments, air pressure equipment, various control valve, temperature controller, etc.
  First machinery Co., LTD. Will continue to use efficiency and high quality services to our customers, and hope to establish long-term cooperation with the customer, the development of the contribution for the user

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Tel :028-85146838 Fax :028-85146828
Address: Ring Road, Chengdu, three paragraphs on the 15th day of the South China Building 902, Post
Code: 610041